Sedation dentists in the Mesa area describe oral conscious sedation

Sedation Dentists in Mesa

It is common for patients in and around the Mesa, Arizona area to have dental fears and anxieties. This is why sedation dentists are in high demand. Sedation dentists provide methods of calming and relaxation that are safe, effective, and affordable for patients. Treatment may be done in a variety of ways, and Dr. Edward Fritz finds that fearful patients may benefit most from oral conscious sedation.

Oral conscious sedation is becoming increasingly popular as a way to get nervous patients into the dental chair for necessary examinations and treatments. This method of treatment helps in relaxing them enough to visit the dental chair and receive the care necessary to maintain a healthy smile.

Oral conscious sedation works by having a dental professional provide an oral medication that helps in easing anxieties. Patients arrange transportation to New Health Dental for their dental treatment and then have their driver take them back home to rest. Most patients wake up from a nap and have no recollection of the appointment. This makes it a much less traumatic experience for patients who have negative associations with the dental office that inhibits them from getting the care and attention they require for a healthier, beautiful smile.

Oral conscious sedation is a wonderful method of treating anxiety when it relates to dental care. Dr. Edward Fritz and the team of New Health Dental enjoy providing this effective way to address dental fear in a non-invasive manner. Oral conscious sedation can be used for simple professional teeth cleanings or more invasive procedures such as oral surgery. Patients who use oral conscious sedation find that their dental fears become more relaxed over time and can eventually visit Dr. Edward Fritz without sedation. They can overcome their anxieties and seek the dental care they need with a team they respect and trust.

Are you interested in learning more about oral conscious sedation? Contact New Health Dental in the Mesa area and speak to Dr. Edward Fritz about the advantages of dental sedation methods.

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