Cost of Oral Sedation Dentistry Mesa

Cost of Oral Sedation Dentistry Mesa

Visiting the dentist is often known as a stressful experience for patients who have dental anxiety. Thanks to advances in dentistry, New Health Dental in Mesa offers oral conscious sedation to put patients at ease and make their visit much more enjoyable.

Oral conscious sedation is a treatment that is used to address dental fears, while also making patients comfortable especially for long dental sessions. It can be used for a simple examination or for extensive dental work such as full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Edward Fritz and his team at New Health Dental encourage patients to take the time to learn about oral conscious sedation and understand how it works.

Dr. Edward Fritz starts with a consultation appointment with his patients to determine if they are appropriate candidates for oral sedation. If so, he explains what to expect after they have taken the medication. Medication is administered as a pill that is prescribed through a pharmacy and taken approximately one hour before patients arrive for their appointment. Patients are required to arrange appropriate transportation to their appointment, as they are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle while this medication is in effect.

Once patients arrive at the dental office, they will feel calm and at ease. They will be able to speak with the dentist, answer questions, and follow instructions. They are conscious during their appointment, though relaxed. This is the most desirable method of sedation for patients, especially those whose fears are not addressed with other methods of comfort including nitrous oxide, otherwise referred to as “laughing gas.” This is a stronger form and allows patients to go to their appointment without the anxiety that often keeps them from getting the oral health care they require to maintain a healthy smile.

Many patients want to learn about the cost of oral conscious sedation. This varies, as it is a medication obtained through a pharmacy. The pharmacy, as well as their health insurance coverage, will determine the cost of the treatment. Patients are welcome to contact their pharmacy to ask about cost and coverage to help them decide if oral conscious sedation is affordable and appropriate for them.

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