How patients can achieve painless dentistry solutions in the Mesa area

Painless Dentistry Mesa

At New Health Dental, we understand that many Mesa area patients are looking for a painless dentistry experience. Many individuals have anxieties that have formed due to past negative experiences at the dental office. Because of this, they want to reduce sensitivity to treatments, no matter how simple or minor. Dr. Edward Fritz understands that these dental apprehensions often result in patients not getting the appropriate, timely dental care necessary to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for life. This is why he offers sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is a method that allows the dentist to ensure patients have a positive experience at the dental office. Instead of patients dealing with local anesthetics, they can instead use a prescription medication obtained before their appointment. This medication is taken approximately one hour before their visit and can help calm and relax them. Patients are to arrange appropriate transportation for their dental appointment as they are unable to drive while under the influence of this particular medication. Patients are awake, coherent, and responsive during their dental visit. Treatments as simple as cleanings can be done with the use of sedation dentistry, and some patients may use this method of sedation when undergoing long treatments in the dental chair. Patients rest off the medication at home after their visit and are able to awaken with little or no recollection of their appointment—but enjoy a more beautiful, healthier smile!

Sedation dentistry has become incredibly popular for patients who have negative associations with the dental office. This medication can help in reducing sensitivity and provide patients with a way of getting the dental care they need—without the fear and anxiety!

Dr. Edward Fritz is happy to offer sedation dentistry in his holistic dental practice. It allows him to perform the treatments necessary to bring smiles back to health and build a sense of trust and respect between him and his patients. Individuals often enjoy visiting the dentist while using sedation dentistry for a painless experience and will then begin to maintain their regular visitation schedule as required for better dental health and wellness. Patients are encouraged to see the dentist twice a year for an examination and cleaning, and this can help in catching problems early enough for appropriate diagnosis and intervention.

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