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Mesa dentist describes the difference between complete dentures and partial dentures


Patients in the Mesa community who visit New Health Dental to speak with Dr. Edward Fritz often ask about the difference between restorations such as complete dentures and partial dentures. Our team can educate patients on the advantages of each and explain how they work.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures, sometimes known as full dentures, are used to replace the entire dental arch. This can be the upper or lower dental arch, or both. These dentures are made of acrylics that are fabricated to look natural. They are made with impressions of the gum tissue to ensure they fit precisely and are comfortable. An ill-fitting denture can be troublesome for patients, so having a quality dentist fabricate full dentures is best for optimum fit and function. Complete dentures may be held in place with dental adhesives or with natural suction, though some patients choose to have implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures are made to fit over dental implants placed along the dental arch for stability and strength.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are suited for patients who are missing one or several teeth within the dental arch. These are made with acrylics and a metal framework for them to snap into place within the arch using the existing teeth for support. This also helps spread out the chewing forces among the remaining teeth for optimum function. Partial dentures are affordable and a wonderful alternative to single dental implants or dental bridges. They are economical and covered by many dental insurance companies.

Are you interested in finding out if a denture restoration is appropriate for you? Contact the team of New Health Dental to book a consultation visit with Dr. Edward Fritz. He can assist patients in determining the best options for repairing the smile. His practice uses some of the best, state-of-the-art technologies to ensure better dental health and wellness.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services Offered by Mesa Area Dentist


Patients located in Mesa are often seeking cosmetic dentistry services that are offered by quality dentists in the area. They want to improve the way their smile looks but may not be aware of the many ways in which they can achieve the smile of their dreams. Dr. Edward Fritz and the team of New Health Dental offer a wide range of services that can help enhance the smile and make it look its absolute best! Below are just a few of the cosmetic dentistry services offered by Mesa area dentist, Dr. Edward Fritz:

  • Fillings – instead of dealing with potentially hazardous materials in silver amalgam fillings, we suggest porcelain tooth fillings when cavities occur. Not only are these safer but they are much more aesthetic and can blend right in with the natural tooth enamel.
  • Teeth whitening – over-the-counter whitening products fall short of providing real, long-lasting results. Our practice offers professional-grade teeth whitening services to help patients achieve that dazzling smile they’ve always wanted!
  • Dentures—replacing the teeth missing in the dental arch can be done with full or partial dentures, all made with quality materials for natural-looking repairs.
  • Orthodontics—realigning the smile can help with the aesthetic appearance and can also repair problem bites and poor alignment of the arch.
  • Dental implants—replacing missing teeth with a dental implant is the “gold standard” in permanent restoration. These ceramic restorations are placed into the jaw bone and restored with crowns, bridges, or dentures to fit one’s needs.
  • Porcelain veneers—imperfections of the smile can be easily improved with the placement of porcelain veneers, which are special facings that are bonded over the front of a tooth to cover up problems such as permanent staining, misalignment, poor shape, short teeth, or breakage.

Patients interested in rejuvenating their smile and enhancing their natural beauty are welcome to contact New Health Dental in the Mesa, Arizona area to find out about how cosmetic dentistry can change their lives! Dr. Edward Fritz and his team are excited to help others achieve a smile they are confident in sharing with others!

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