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Safe, mercury-free dentistry solutions available in Mesa


Patients in the Mesa community who want to have access to quality services with a dentist they know and trust are encouraged to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental. Dr. Edward Fritz is a dentist who provides safe, mercury-free dentistry solutions for his patients with safer, holistic alternatives.

Many patients who visit his practice are not aware of the problems associated with mercury exposure. Mercury is a substance that is present in silver amalgam fillings and is extremely toxic. These fillings, also known as “metal” fillings, have been used for many years in dentistry to restore areas of decay. However, studies continue to show that the mercury used to fabricate them can be warmed with eating and drinking warm foods and beverages and can release toxins into the body. When this happens, patients are at risk for mercury toxicity.

Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental closely follows the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicity and believes in providing patients with the services they need to avoid placement of mercury fillings. He also provides safe mercury removal by following the protocols set forth by this organization to lower the risk of problems often experienced in situations when mercury is not removed with the proper precautions. For example, mercury is removed in large chunks and in a properly ventilated room to reduce exposure to the toxins that could be released during removal. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology sets forth a list of proper protocols that can be used to protect patients and staff during the removal of silver amalgam fillings in their office. Patients who have these fillings removed may benefit from the replacement with composite resin bonding.

At New Health Dental, we want to make sure our patients get safe, effective, and affordable dental care. We encourage patients in and around the area of Mesa to consider safe mercury-free dentistry solutions at our practice. Contact us today to book a visit with Dr. Edward Fritz and discuss the health benefits of visiting a mercury-safe facility.

What are the impacts of mercury fillings on Mesa smiles?


In the past, many dentists have used silver amalgam fillings, also known as mercury fillings, to address areas of decay. Cavities were prepared and sealed using a material that was easy for dentists to use and affordable for patients. However, times have changed, and over the years, studies have shown that there are negative impacts with the use of mercury fillings within the smile. This is why Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental in Mesa avoids using silver amalgam fillings and instead utilizes safer, more aesthetic options such as composite resin fillings.

Mercury fillings are still used by about half of dentists today, even though there have been studies showing the impacts this material can have on the body. Silver amalgam fillings can cause mercury toxins to enter into the body through the bloodstream and have a negative effect. Mercury toxicity has been linked to conditions such as psychological, neurological, and immunological damages when the vapors are released through heating. Heating of the fillings can occur even when patients are chewing gum or drinking warm beverages. This means that mercury is entering into the body every day.

Dr. Edward Fritz is one of many dentists who have stopped using silver amalgam fillings and instead offers an alternative. Many organizations in both the United States and Europe have continued to express how important it is to avoid the use of these metal fillings within the smile and to maintain better dental health and wellness with another solution that will not negatively affect the body.

Patients in and around the area of Mesa who are interested in visiting a biocompatible dentist who has a holistic background and focuses on the health and wellbeing of the entire body are welcome to visit Dr. Edward Fritz. Dr. Edward Fritz and his dedicated dental team encourage patients to take the time to learn about the ways in which their existing dental work may be harming their body and speak to a professional about appropriate removal and replacement. New Health Dental is always accepting new patients into their practice for comprehensive dental care solutions.

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