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When tooth infection may require root canal treatment in Mesa


Anyone who has ever had a persistent toothache knows it can be the absolute worst kind of pain. When you are in pain, it’s important to know that you have someone you can turn to who understands the cause of your pain and how to eliminate it. At New Health Dental in Mesa, AZ, Dr. Fritz has years of experience treating patients with infected teeth.


Addressing the infection


When patients come in seeking treatment for a tooth infection, we begin with an exam. If there is a confirmed tooth infection or abscess, we will need to treat it with antibiotics before we can perform a root canal. This is crucial, because the infection can spread and affect the gum tissue or even other parts of the body. When we diagnose a tooth infection, we work quickly and effectively to eliminate it.


The root canal treatment


The root canal is a simple and straightforward procedure. Patients are put at ease when they learn it is similar to a traditional dental filling. Dr. Fritz will begin by using local anesthetic to numb the area. For many patients, once the numbing is done, the worst part is over.


Once the area is numb, Dr. Fritz will access the affected tissue and remove it from the pulp chamber of the tooth. The area is then cleaned, filled, and sealed. Because teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are susceptible to breakage, a dental crown is placed on top of it for strength.


At New Health Dental in Mesa, we believe that regular dental care and proper oral hygiene can help prevent the need for root canals. Still, the procedure is not one to be feared, as it can be a valuable tool for saving infected teeth. Call us today at 877-943-3703 to learn more.