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Chairside Dental Academy

The skill, knowledge, and attitude of the dental assistant can make the difference between a good visit, and a great visit. In the unfortunate case of an unqualified, poorly trained assistant, that person can ruin an otherwise pleasant visit. We are all dental patients, and as such, you have surely experienced this first hand. If you also happen to be a dental professional looking to hire an assistant, you want to ensure that your new team member is a true asset to your practice. Similarly, if you are considering a career as a dental assistant, you certainly want to seek the best training possible.

We believe that an exceptional career begins with exceptional training, which is why Dr. Fritz founded Chairside Dental Academy two decades age. We combine our real-life dental experience with advanced education from the basics of dentistry to the latest technology. We take great pride in consistently producing well trained, prepared, efficient, and excellent dental assistants from an affordable course that takes just ten weeks.

Do you want to become a dental assistant?

Are you looking for a fun and exciting new career, without spending years in training? What could be better than going into the business of smiles! If you've ever visited New Health Dental, you were surely impressed with the professionalism and excellent service our assistants provide. Through Chairside Dental Academy, you can learn to provide the same exceptional care to dental patients, and launch your new career. In just ten weeks, you can go from novice to knowledgeable professional.

Do you want to hire a dental assistant?

Advertising and interviewing can be a long and tedious process, often resulting in disappointment despite your best efforts. Dental practices in Mesa, Arizona and surrounding areas have trusted graduates of Chairside Dental Academy to care for their patients. Why? They know that our students are dedicated, educated, and prepared with hands-on experience and a comprehensive curriculum.

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Chairside Dental Academy is located in Mesa, Arizona and can be reached at 480-830-3546. For more details, please visit our website at https://www.chairside.com/index.php