What is TMJ and when might treatment for Mesa residents be necessary?

TMJ Treatment Mesa from Dr. Edward Fritz

Men and women with issues with their TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, may experience a variety of concerns. With persistent headaches, shoulder and neck pain, clicking of the jaw, and pain behind the eyes, patients may become concerned about the underlying issue. The TMJ is the jaw joint that hinges the mouth, and when it begins to malfunction, it can become extremely troublesome and result in discomfort.

Dr. Fritz of New Health Dental is familiar with TMJ and the associated disease, TMD (temporomandibular disorder). This condition may be difficult to diagnose, though dentists may be able to see damage to the natural teeth that indicate a problem. Depending on the severity of the TMD, Dr. Fritz will work with his patients to determine the best treatment plan.

Some patients may benefit from orthodontics to help better align the bite and reduce tension on the TMJ. Others who experience more clenching and grinding of the teeth may need a mouth guard. Oral appliances can be used to hold the jaw in place and absorb tension. Some patients may incorporate micro-current therapy to relieve tension in the muscles. Patients are encouraged to speak with their dentist about their concerns and work with him in finding the best possible solution for dental problems. One treatment may work best for one patient but not another, so it is easier to determine the severity of the condition and take x-rays to see if there is a more extensive problem with the joint that may require surgery. However, most issues with the TMJ can be addressed with dental intervention.

Patients who are long-time sufferers of TMJ are happy to find there is a solution to their discomfort. With a proper diagnosis and discussion of TMJ treatments, many patients are able to find a method of treatment that works for them. If you live in the Mesa area and you are considering treatment for TMJ, contact Dr. Fritz today to schedule a consultation visit and evaluation for dental treatment of TMD.


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