How can Gilbert area patients receive treatment for their TMJ/TMD problems?

TMJ Treatment Gilbert from Dr. Edward Fritz

TMJ disorder (TMD) is a concern that develops from a problematic temporomandibular joints. These joints are in control of opening and closing the jaws. It can cause patients pain and discomfort that needs to be addressed to reduce the likelihood of other concerns including chronic headaches, pain, and clicking/popping of the jaw. To take care of this condition, Dr. Edward Fritz of the Gilbert area may suggest oral appliance therapy as an effective TMJ treatment.
TMJ treatment with oral appliance therapy is a highly effective method of realigning the jaw and reducing the concerns that come with TMJ and TMD. This musculoskeletal disorder can be controlled with oral appliance therapy, which consists of a professional-grade plastic appliance that is custom-made for patients to wear over their dental arch when they sleep to avoid clenching and grinding. The great benefit of oral appliance therapy is comfort. Patients can easily wear these appliances at night to enjoy a better quality of life. By reducing the frequency of headaches and pain, patients can bounce back into their active lifestyles with oral appliance therapy and regular, daily use.
Gilbert area residents are invited to visit New Health Dental and schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Edward Fritz to determine if oral appliance therapy is appropriate for their conditions. Patients can take this time to ask any questions they may have about therapy and get a proper diagnosis of their TMJ/TMD condition if it has not already been obtained. Our practice provides examinations and can detect signs of TMJ/TMD within the smile such as worn teeth, broken restorations, and common medical complaints such as headaches and pain around the jaw and neck.
You can find out more about oral appliance therapy and conditions such as TMJ and TMD by calling New Health Dental to schedule an initial visit with our quality dental team. We are excited to welcome you to our practice and help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile!


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