Why Mesa area patients may need surgical root canals

Surgical Root Canals Mesa

Many patients in the Mesa area feel uneasy when their dentist utters the words “root canal.” This procedure has gotten a bad rap over the years as a painful, unwanted procedure. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy, is a procedure that is done to help salvage an infected or traumatized tooth. The procedure requires the dentist to access the inner portion of the tooth to remove the dental pulp and disinfect the inside before filling it with a rubber material called gutta percha and sealing it off with composite resin material. Some patients may also benefit from the fabrication and placement of a dental crown over the tooth to help strengthen it.

Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental in Mesa provides patients with surgical root canals. These are done regularly when patients are dealing with trauma, infection, large cavities, and even abscesses that develop around the tooth. Patients often come into the practice complaining of a toothache that will not subside. The only two options may include root canal therapy or permanent extraction. Root canal therapy is often more desirable as it allows patients to save their natural tooth structure while addressing the internal problem.

Root canal therapy is nothing to be scared of. Patients are properly anesthetized with local anesthetics for comfort. Our practice also offers sedation methods for those who are extremely uneasy about visiting the dentist and may be facing some unwanted fears or anxieties. We encourage adult patients to strongly consider oral conscious sedation which allows them to be calm and collected when receiving dental treatment and greatly reduce the nervousness they may be experiencing when faced with a dental appointment as simple as a cleaning or examination.

If you live in or around the Mesa community and are interested in learning about oral conscious sedation, root canal therapy, and other procedures done in our practice to maintain and recover oral health, contact the team of New Health Dental and book an initial appointment with Dr. Edward Fritz. We welcome all patients, even those who are embarrassed that perhaps they haven’t visited their dentist as much as they should. We provide a no-judgment zone and welcome individuals who are interested in recovering the health of their smile with a dedicated team of professionals.

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