Dentist in Mesa describes snoring solutions available

Snoring is a common complaint of many bed partners. Chronic snoring can affect the bed partner’s sleep every night, and it may be an indication of a more serious issue such as obstructive sleep apnea. Both chronic snoring and obstructive sleep apnea can be addressed with non-invasive snoring solutions such as oral appliance therapy.


Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental in the Mesa area offers his patients snoring solutions that provide an effective resolution to snoring and other problems associated with sleep. Oral appliances are specialized mouth guards that can be custom made for patients and worn at night to reduce the likelihood of snoring due to the obstruction of the airways. Dr. Edward Fritz may also be able to determine if the snoring is caused by a medical condition known as obstructive sleep apnea, which can have greater effects than just waking bed partners every night.


Obstructive sleep apnea is a chronic sleeping disorder that affects millions of Americans, though many go undiagnosed. This is because the condition occurs when patients sleep and without the attention of a bed partner, it often goes without treatment. However, it can result in many different medical conditions such as increased risks of strokes, heart disease, and even diabetes. To treat obstructive sleep apnea after diagnosis, many physicians will recommend the use of a CPAP machine. Unfortunately, these devices are cumbersome and many patients will not comply with treatment because they are so uncomfortable to wear. Instead, patients can speak with Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental to discuss the use of a special mouth guard to open the airways in a more comfortable manner. Many patients will find that oral appliance therapy is a wonderful way of addressing the condition without dealing with the troubles associated with CPAP machine usage.


Are you located in the Mesa area and seeking solutions for chronic snoring? Do you think your snoring may be an indication of a more serious problem such as obstructive sleep apnea? If this sounds like you, now is a great time to contact New Health Dental and book a consultation appointment with Dr. Edward Fritz and his team of professionals to learn more about oral appliance therapy and other solutions available through his state-of-the-art dental practice.


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