Effective snoring and sleep apnea treatments in Mesa

Snoring and sleep apnea are believed to go hand in hand. However, just because a person snores, it does not mean that they have this sleeping disorder. Snoring can be a sign that sleep apnea exists, and if bed partners notice that it is accompanied with gasping for breath pauses in breathing, they may want to seek medical attention. Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can result in the development and progression of many other medication conditions. It should not be taken lightly. With proper treatment, however, patients are able to control the condition and achieve deep, restorative sleep each night, improving their overall quality of life.


Dr. Fritz, of New Health Dental in Mesa, is concerned that patients are unhappy with their initial treatments. When patients are first diagnosed with sleep apnea, they are often advised by their physician to utilize a CPAP machine. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. This device is used by the patient at night to improve the airflow in the airways and address obstructive sleep apnea. Many patients are unhappy with this device, as it is cumbersome, unattractive, and can be uncomfortable to wear. This, in turn, results in non-compliance. When a patient is not treating the condition, he or she is not going to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. The patient will be unable to eliminate daytime tiredness, headaches, memory loss, and other conditions that can occur when sleep apnea is left untreated.


Instead, patients may prefer an alternative treatment. Many are happy with oral appliance therapy, which uses a custom-made oral appliance that is worn by the patient at night to open the airways. This is done by realigning the jaw and holding the tongue in place to keep it from falling into the back of the throat and blocking it. Patients find that these oral appliances are comfortable and easy to wear, which boosts overall patient compliance.


Are you a patient in the Mesa area who has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been unhappy with the use of your CPAP machine? It may be time to consider an alternative. Call the team at New Health Dental today to learn more about oral appliance therapy and find out if this might be the most effective treatment for you and your sleep apnea.


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