Mesa dentist describes how a dental appliance can help improve sleep apnea

It is believed that approximately 80 million individuals in the United States snore, and even more are affected by it every night—including bed partners and children. Snoring can have a negative effect on one’s sleep, as well as the sleep of those around them. It can also be a sign of a condition known as sleep apnea.


Sleep apnea is a condition that is caused by blockage of the airway. This can be caused by the tongue or misalignment of the jaw. While patients who are diagnosed with sleep apnea by a physician are often told that a CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machine can help, these are often bulky, uncomfortable, and annoying for those who need them. Some patients even experience sore throats, headaches, and skin irritation by using these. Instead, patients can visit their dentist in the Mesa area to learn about using a dental appliance as an alternative. Most patients find they are more compliant with dental appliance treatment versus CPAP machine use, ensuring an effective solution.


Dental appliances can help with both snoring and sleep apnea. These appliances are similar to mouth guards. They eliminate or reduce snoring by moving the lower jaw forward, which opens the airway. It can also hold down the tongue to keep it from falling back into the throat and obstructing the airway. Patients often find these oral appliances to be much more comfortable and easier to use.


Dental appliance therapy is available to anyone who is interested in reducing or eliminating snoring or addressing pre-diagnosed sleep apnea. Patients who live in or around the Mesa or Phoenix areas can contact Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental to schedule a consultation and examination to determine the need for treatment. Many patients find that their quality of life is improved after addressing their snoring or sleep apnea concerns, and can discontinue the use of annoying CPAP machines. Snoring doesn’t have to be something you just “live with.” It can be addressed and improved with the use of dental appliance therapy with New Health Dental.


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