Can Gilbert area residents enjoy painless root canal therapy?


Root canals are completed as a way to repair a natural tooth and save it from being extracted. While many patients think of this treatment as “painful,” modern anesthetics and available sedation methods make root canal therapy a comfortable, easy procedure for most patients. Root canals are done when there are concerns of:

  • An abscess
  • Large areas of decay
  • Infection and inflammation
  • Trauma to the tooth

Root canals can be done on a natural tooth to save it from damage and decay. Inside of the natural tooth is the dental pulp. This tissue contains the nerves and blood supply. In order to perform a root canal and relieve pain and discomfort, the dentist must remove the pulp from the inside of the tooth. This is done through a very small hole drilled into the area, which allows Dr. Edward Fritz access to the inner portion of the tooth. The dental pulp is removed, the area is disinfected to remove all signs of bacteria, and the empty space is filled with gutta percha—a special rubbery substance used inside tooth. The top of the tooth is sealed with composite bonding, and in situations where the teeth undergo substantial pressure from biting and chewing, a dental crown may be fabricated and placed over the top of the natural tooth. This is done during a separate appointment and it can take a week or two to fabricate and place. However, it is highly recommended, as root canal therapy tends to leave the natural teeth brittle and more susceptible to further damage—a crown offers the protection and strength necessary to keep the tooth functioning at its best.

Patients who believe root canal therapy is necessary to save their natural teeth can contact Dr. Edward Fritz today to schedule a consultation visit with our team. At New Health Dental, we are a biocompatible dental practice that focuses on providing our patients a variety of services that are beneficial to the health and wellness of both the mouth and body. Contact us today to visit our dedicated dental team.

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