Patients wonder how root canal therapy near Mesa, AZ restores oral health

Root Canal Therapy Near Mesa AZ

You never know when it will happen. Tooth pain can strike at the most unexpected and unwelcome time. The pain could simply be sensitivity or sharp throbbing pain. Either way, pain is a sign of a problem. An infection or abscess often causes it. Dental treatment is necessary to assess and properly treat the underlying problem. If an infected tooth is found, it must be treated. For patients near Mesa, AZ, Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental offers root canal therapy when needed to restore and protect oral health.


Root canals are not scary

Many patients cringe at the thought of a root canal out of the fear of more pain. In truth, the procedure is designed to correct the underlying cause of your current pain, to ease swelling, rid the mouth of decay, and restore your health. A root canal itself does not cause pain.


Patients who need a root canal have developed severe decay or damage that has led to infection or inflammation. This causes pain and tenderness, meaning the damage has worsened and cannot be ignored. Some patients even have visible facial swelling. These symptoms should not be ignored. Even if your symptoms subside, the underlying infection will not clear up on its own. Dental care is needed.

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What is a root canal?

Clear your mind of your preconceived notions about root canals. The goal of this therapy is not to cause pain or trauma. Your dentist’s goal is to save as much of your natural tooth as possible. Root canal treatments are done to eliminate bacteria and dead tissue from inside the tooth, thus saving the natural tooth. With a gentle touch and specialized techniques, the entire procedure has become routine and comfortable for patients.


If bacteria and infection have affected the pulp, a root canal may be recommended to preserve your tooth, and protect the health of your oral cavity. Without treatment, the infection can damage the tooth to the point that it needs to be extracted. By catching the problem early enough, root canal therapy can save your tooth.


Debunking common root canal pain myths

Common Root Canal Pain Myths

Myth 1: A root canal is painful.

When a root canal is mentioned, pain is often the first thought associated with the treatment. However, the pain felt is from the infection or inflammation already present. The treatment itself is as routine and as painless as having a cavity filled. Root canal therapy is performed to relieve the pain and protect your oral health. Using x-rays to show the exact location of the canals, the dentist uses specialized instruments to enter the tooth, relieve pressure, and remove the pulp. The tooth is disinfected and filled. The entire procedure is done using local anesthetics to ensure patient comfort.


Myth 2: The roots are removed.

Dentists strive to protect your oral health and to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. The point of a root canal is to save your tooth, not to remove it. The roots remain in place, meaning the jaw is not damaged and the teeth will not shift.


Myth 3: A root canal can make me sick.

Root canals are a safe, effective treatment for eliminating bacteria from the infected tooth. With the bacteria safely removed, there is no infection remaining to make the patient ill. Your oral and overall health are improved following the procedure.


Myth 4: Benefits are temporary.

The benefits of root canal therapy are numerous. The patient’s pain is relieved. Swelling subsides. The infection is treated and removed. The tooth and mouth have been protected. A crown is fitted over the treated tooth to protect and preserve its health and to maintain the results. With good oral practices and regular dental visits, the results of a root canal are long-lasting.


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