Mesa area patients ask about the benefits of a root canal

Root Canal Benefits Mesa

The term “root canal” often causes anxiety in the minds of patients. People associate the term with pain and are fearful at the mere mention of it. Apprehension about root canals can even go as far to have people avoid the dentist’s office, often making the situation worse. The truth is, root canals are not to be feared, and actually work to relieve the pain experienced with a tooth infection. Root canals are straightforward procedures that can help restore oral health and alleviate discomfort.

Most infections begin as a cavity. When that cavity is left untreated it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. This progression can cause further damage that will eventually reach the inner pulp and root canal. Within the root canal lies the nerve of the tooth. Once the infection comes in close proximity to the nerve, the patient will begin to experience pain that can often become severe. When the infection has gone this deep, the only way to alleviate pain is by treating the infection.

Root canal therapy is done to eliminate infection and relieve the pain associated with it. Some dentists believe that extraction is the best way to deal with an infected tooth. The problem with extraction is that you are then faced with the need for restoration such as a bridge or implant. Patients who have a tooth extracted and don’t replace it face further issues. Missing teeth can affect bite, facial structure, and can also be a prime breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

The procedure itself can be done under sedation, if desired. Prior to the procedure, our team will discuss the different options available and come up with a level of sedation that is best for you. During the procedure, the infected dental pulp will be removed and the area will be disinfected. Teeth that have undergone root canal are often brittle, placing a dental crown over the tooth can strengthen it and prevent it from cracking.

Root canal therapy is an effective way to save a tooth and relieve the pain associated with a deep tooth infection. When infected teeth are left untreated, they can fall out or require extraction, which can lead to more expensive restorations.

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