Dentist in Mesa, AZ describes periodontal disease treatment with LAPIP

Periodontal Disease Treatment with LAPIP in Mesa area

At New Health Dental, we are pleased to offer patients ways to address imperfections of the smile, as well as keep the smile healthy and free from periodontal disease or cavities. Treatment for a variety of conditions oftentimes requires the help of a dentist in Mesa, AZ. Dr. Edward Fritz is a holistic dentist available at New Health Dental who has committed his life to helping others achieve and maintain their oral health and wellness. For patients who need treatment for periodontal disease or other inflammatory conditions that can impact their dental implants, our staff suggests the benefits of LAPIP treatment at New Health Dental.

What is LAPIP treatment?

LAPIP stands for “Laser Assisted Perio-Implant Procedure.” It is a specialized therapy that is used to address inflammation that can affect a dental implant. It is similar in nature to LANAP (which stands for “Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure”) in that it uses a laser that is cleared by the FDA for periodontal treatment.

Understanding dental implants

Dental implants are a popular method available for patients who are interested in restoring their smile after tooth loss. When teeth are extracted or lost, they can leave spaces behind in the smile. This results in several problems, including unwanted bone loss, inability to speak clearly, and poor functionality for eating. By using a dental implant, patients can replace their teeth in a permanent manner while maintaining the natural bone. This is because the implant, which is a titanium metal post placed into the jawbone, helps stimulate bone growth through a process called osseointegration to stabilize the implant itself and give it optimum strength.

Unfortunately, if patients do not take good care of their smile and are faced with periodontal disease, they may be putting their dental implant at risk. Periodontal disease can result in the shrinking of the bone, as well as the soft tissues, which can cause a dental implant to become loose within the jaw. Patients can lose their dental implants, as well as their bone, and may then need to seek alternative tooth replacement options such as dental bridges or partial dentures.

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How LAPIP helps with dental implants

LAPIP is a specialized treatment that uses laser light to address dental implants which may be failing within the smile because of periodontal disease. Dr. Edward Fritz and his team are excited to offer this service at New Health Dental because it has many benefits. LAPIP:

  • Does not require scalpels and sutures
  • Is effective at treating infections such as periodontal disease
  • Keeps periodontal disease from progressing further
  • Helps in regenerating the bone around the dental implant
  • Does not involve bleeding and swelling
  • Helps the area heal faster with laser light
  • Reduces sensitivity
  • Is affordable and effective at maintaining dental implants


Dr. Edward Fritz welcomes patients in and around the community of Mesa, AZ with treatments such as this for failing implants, while also keeping the smile healthy and free from periodontal disease.

Preventative measures

Preventative measures in Mesa area

Dr. Edward Fritz finds that patients have the healthiest smile when they maintain their oral health and wellness over the years. Our dentist encourages patients to be proactive about their dental health to ensure that they are avoiding problems such as periodontal disease and tooth decay. When patients have dental implants, they need to pay close attention to their oral health to keep the implant firmly in place. Our practice encourages patients to brush and floss after every meal and visit the dentist at least every six months for a cleaning and examination.

Are you interested in learning more about LAPIP treatment at New Health Dental?

Dr. Edward Fritz and the team at New Health Dental in Mesa, AZ are available to help patients with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures, including periodontal disease treatment with LAPIP for patients who have dental implants in place. Our dentist is here to provide individuals with the care they need to keep their smile healthy, beautiful, and fully functioning. Contact our facility today, conveniently located at 2830 East Brown Road, Ste. 9, by calling (480) 830-3305. We welcome new and existing patients into our practice that has a holistic approach to oral health care, and we are available for a wide selection of services for men and women.


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