In Mesa, AZ, dental sterilization in root canal therapy is a treatment option for an infected tooth

Mesa AZ Root Canal

It happened. Your dentist said you need a root canal. The term “root canal” brings about the idea of pain and negativity due to misconceptions about the treatment. However, a root canal relieves the pain and inflammation of infection. In Mesa, AZ, Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental offers root canal therapy as a treatment option for an infected tooth.


Addressing an infected tooth

An infected or badly decayed tooth is often a reason for a root canal. Tooth pain or sensitivity may be the first sign of a problem and it can strike at any time. When you notice a change in your mouth, it is important to have it assessed by your dentist to determine the underlying problem. The pain and sensitivity are often the first signs of an infection or abscessed tooth. These dental issues will not clear up on their own. Treatment is necessary to keep the infection from causing damage to your oral cavity.


The tenderness and sensitivity of an infected tooth are often the first and most common signs of a dental issue. Other symptoms may include:

  • Swollen or painful gums
  • Dark spots on the tooth enamel
  • Toothache
  • Sores or blisters on the gums
  • Fever
  • Facial swelling
  • Tooth sensitivity to temperature changes or pressure


Causes of infection include severe decay, a chip or break in the tooth, or tooth trauma, damaging the pulp of the tooth. The dental pulp is a mass of tissues within the tooth. It contains the blood supply and nerves. When the pulp is infected, it can cause extreme pain and sensitivity.


Once the pulp is damaged, it is necessary to treat the tooth in a timely fashion to prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the oral cavity. A root canal is a recommended treatment for an infected tooth to preserve the health of your mouth. If the infection is allowed to spread, more complex treatment measures may be needed.

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Root canal procedure

Root canal procedureIf you are experiencing symptoms of an infection, contact your dental provider right away. Your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and oral cavity to determine the extent of the infection. X-rays may show the exact location of the damage. The area is numbed using a local anesthetic to ensure patient comfort throughout the procedure. For patients who have additional concerns, oral sedation may be used for a quick, painless treatment.


Once the location has been determined and the tooth is numb, the dentist uses specific tools to enter the crown of the tooth. The bacteria and infected tissue are removed. Infected root canals need to be sterilized. Dental sterilization removes damaging bacteria, cleansing the canals to ensure the infection has been properly destroyed. With the tooth sterilized and the infected tissue eliminated, the health of the mouth is ensured.


After the tooth has been sterilized, it is filled with a special endodontic material. Gutta percha is the rubber-like filling material utilized. It is used to fill and seal the tooth to prevent contamination. Once the tooth has been sealed, a crown can be placed to protect and restore it. The natural tooth is saved. The root remains in place stimulating and preserving the health of the jawbone.


If your dentist recommends a root canal treatment, rest assured that it is a safe, precise procedure to eliminate bacteria from the infected tooth. The benefits of root canal therapy speak for themselves.

  • Effective – Bacteria is destroyed as the canal is sterilized, cleansing the area and ridding the mouth of the damaging infection.
  • Restorative – Once the infected material is eliminated and the procedure is completed, the health of the oral cavity and the whole body is restored.
  • Painless – With local anesthetic and possible oral sedation, the procedure is as painless as having a cavity filled. The procedure relieves the pain and inflammation caused by the infection.
  • Long-lasting – With proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits, the results of a root canal are long-lasting.


A root canal treats an infected tooth and rids your mouth of pain, inflammation, and harmful bacteria. Contact New Health Dental in Mesa, AZ for restorative treatments to regain your beautiful, healthy smile. Call (480) 830-3305.



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