Effective TMJ treatment for Mesa area residents

Effective TMJ Treatment from Dr. Fritz

TMJ, also known as the temporomandibular joint, is the joint that holds the skull and lower jaw together. The hinge allows the mouth to open and close, and is responsible for helping us speak, chew, and even yawn. However, sometimes it can develop issues that result in pain and discomfort. It can lock up or cause the jaw to tighten, making it hard to do the simplest of motions with the mouth, including eating and talking. When problems such as this become an issue, patients in the Mesa area are welcome to visit New Health Dental to learn about effective TMJ treatment.

Problems with the TMJ that become chronic are often diagnosed as TMD, or “temporomandibular disorder.” These patients experience problems all the time and may visit their dentist to seek relief. Dr. Edward Fritz and his team of professionals at New Health Dental in Mesa provide effective TMJ treatment for these patients with a variety of methods.

First, orthodontics can help by realigning the jaw. Realigning the jaw can improve the way in which it aligns and therefore reduce the issues associated with TMJ disorder. Orthodontics may be done at our office for mild cases, or we can refer patients to a specialist if they so desire.

Second, oral appliance therapy can also assist. Patients will have a custom mouth guard made that can help in reducing the pressure on the jaw and allow patients to seek relief from this chronic condition. These are often worn overnight and for patients with severe TMD, during the day.

The third option is micro-current therapy. A special device delivers a current to the jaw joint and the muscles that can help with the management of temporomandibular disorders and can be a wonderful alternative to prescription pain medications when problems arise.

Dr. Edward Fritz is proud to offer orthodontics, oral appliance therapy, and micro-current therapy for patients who are experiencing issues with their temporomandibular joint. He encourages patients to book a consultation appointment and initial evaluation to learn about the benefits of treatment to determine which is best for one’s specific problems.


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