Finding a dentist the whole family loves in Mesa, AZ

Finding a dentist the whole family loves in Mesa

Trying to find a dentist can be challenging. You want someone you can trust, who treats you with respect, and with whom you have a great relationship. However, when you extend your dentist search to find someone who can provide that same quality care and develop strong relationships with your entire family, the search can feel overwhelming, at best. You may be searching for a dentist who gives you straightforward and honest answers without holding back, while your children need an individual who can earn their trust or make them laugh quickly.

While it can be challenging to find a dentist who is right for your entire family, it does offer great benefits. First, a family dentist can care for patients of a wide variety of ages. From your toddler to your mother, everyone in your family can go to the same office for dental cleanings and treatments. If you choose to bring your children with you to your dental appointments, it can help them build trust with their dentist as they watch his interactions with you.


In addition to the advantage of having everyone in your family use the same dentist, it also saves you time and money by being able to schedule all of the appointments during the same time. This equals less work missed for you, less commuting to the dentist’s office, and much greater convenience.


When you opt for a family dentist, your children will be able to keep that dentist as they grow. Instead of beginning with a pediatric dentist and then changing to a general dentist when your child gets older, they can maintain that relationship from a young age. This ensures that your dentist has a better understanding of your family and personal dental history. Not to mention, your family dental records are all located in the same office. There’s no need to have items faxed or transferred to another dental professional.


However, maybe most importantly, the personal relationship you develop over time is the greatest advantage to selecting a dentist who can treat your entire family. As you visit the dentist more often, you begin to build trust with him. Not only do they feel more assured of the quality of care, but patients often gain the confidence to ask necessary questions or raise concerns with a dentist who has been treating them for some time.


Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental in Mesa, AZ, has been helping patients achieve their best smiles since 1981. He believes in finding the cause of dental problems, not just treating the symptoms. If you’ve recently moved or want to make a dentist change, call New Health Dental today to meet Dr. Fritz and learn more about his approach to dentistry.

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