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Laser treatment in Mesa can address gum disease comfortably and effectively


Dr Fritz Doing - Laser treatment Gum disease is a chronic condition that will cause irreparable damage if left untreated. It not only affects oral health, but also increases the risk of other medical conditions. When gum disease develops, it requires intervention from a skilled dentist. Our team in Mesa offers laser treatment for gum disease.

In the past, traditional treatment of gum disease was a procedure called scaling and root planing. During this procedure, the dentist cleans out the bacteria and plaque build-up even on the tooth root. The root is then smoothed. When scaling and root planing was unsuccessful, patients would often require oral surgery.

Luckily, there is an alternative to scaling and root planing: laser treatments. Laser gum therapy can remove unhealthy, diseased gum tissue along with plaque, bacteria, and tartar build up while leaving the healthy gum tissue untouched. The laser device is used to break up and eliminate plaque and tartar build up without pain. The dentist will then go over the area one more time with the laser to sterilize it and eliminate any remnants of disease. After laser gum treatment, the gum tissue will heal back to the tooth.

Laser gum therapy has the following advantages:

  • Quicker healing – no cutting or stitching necessary
  • Reduces need for oral surgery
  • Requires less dental visits
  • Reduces root sensitivity
  • Reduces risk of recession

Laser gum therapy is great option for the following patients:

  • Those dealing with bone resorption
  • Those dealing with shifting teeth
  • Those who have had repeat infections
  • Those who have sensitive gums

At New Health Dental, we believe that quality, holistic dental care is extremely effective. We provide minimally invasive options that give patients real results and restore oral health. If you are in the Mesa area, call us today to learn more about this gentle approach to eliminating gum disease.