What is the most effective treatment for infected dental pulp for patients in the Gilbert area?

Treatment for Infected Pulp in Gilbert

When patients in the Gilbert area are faced with infection of their natural tooth, they may be dealing with inflammation or disease of the dental pulp. The dental pulp is the mass of tissues within a natural tooth that can become troublesome for some individuals. Due to a large area of decay, an abscess, or trauma, the dental pulp may become infected and require assistance to keep patients from experiencing sensitivity and discomfort. Dr. Edward Fritz of New Health Dental often recommends a treatment for infected pulp known as root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is also known as endodontic therapy. It is a highly feared procedure for many, when in truth; it is done without any pain and it can help patients feel more comfortable. This procedure is also done as a way to avoid extraction. Root canal therapy is performed regularly at New Health Dental and can be a tooth-saving procedure for men and women.

Treatment for infected pulp starts with local anesthetics and sedation to ensure patients are comfortable. Then, Dr. Edward Fritz will carefully access the inner portion of the tooth by drilling into it with a special device. The dental pulp will be removed, taking out the nerves and other tissues. The canals are disinfected to ensure all bacteria are removed. Using a rubber-like material known as gutta percha, he will then fill the area to seal it, and then finish with composite resin. For many patients, the placement of a dental crown may be desirable to protect the tooth structure from further damage.

Dr. Edward Fritz encourages patients in the Gilbert area to speak with him when they are experiencing discomfort that may indicate the need for root canal therapy. X-rays and a physical examination can help in determining if this treatment is necessary to save a tooth and bring the smile back to health. Contact the team of New Health Dental today to book an evaluation and consultation appointment with our dedicated staff. We welcome new and existing patients into our practice for assistance with achieving better dental health and wellness.

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